MoistEarth Brand

Water Releasing Granules . . .
Act like sponges in the soil that absorb and release water and nutrients to plants, as needed. Safe for use with indoor and outdoor plants, a must for fruits and vegetables. Great for your patio, balcony and container growing. Try a Free Sample.


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MoistEarth© Automatically waters your plants for up to 14
days. Avoid the frustration and loss of water-stressed plants

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You and your plants are going to love it.

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Available in USPS service areas only. Limit 1 sample per household.

Absorbs & Releases Water To Your Plants Again & Again As Needed. MoistEarth Granules last For Years Moist Earth© Water Releasing Crystals
  To secure a sample send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with a current first class USPS postage stamp affixed

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