MoistEarth Brand

Water Releasing/Absorbing Crystals . . .
Act like sponges in the soil that absorb and release water and nutrients to plants, as needed. Safe for use with indoor and outdoor plants, a must for fruits and vegetables. Great for your patio, balcony and container growing. Try a Free Sample.


Let MoistEarth© Water Your Plants For You!
Take the guess work out of watering, planting or shipping.

Self-Watering Plants     
        Water Absorbing Polymer Crystals
MoistEarth is safe for use with indoor and outdoor plants and a must for fruits and vegetables. Also, it's great for your patio, balcony and container growing, saving you up to 2/3 on all your plant watering cost.

Plants feeder roots seek out water
Granule reservoirs, penetrating membranes that provide water and nourishment , as needed. One pound can absorb and release up to 40 gallons of distilled or rain water or 31 gallons of tap water. MoistEarth can stay hydrated for weeks with little rewatering

Before & After Hydration
Before & After Hydration
1 oz. retains 1 gal. water


 Double or Even Triple the Days Between Normal Waterings

 MoistEarth solves many prblems for agriculture, horticulture, forestry, nurseries,
House Plants, landscaping, private and public gardens, ornamental

 Roots find soil moisture that manages and fights drought by capturing moisture vapor
Helps plants golf courses and turf withstand periods of stress caused by drought or transplantation
Like tiny water magnets, making available to plant roots microscopic moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.
Full Strength
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• Minimize Drought Stress
       • Control or Elimate Dry Spots
     • Enhance Nutrient Efficiency
       • Optimize Pesticide Efficiency 
    • Improve Seed Germination
       • Increase Transplant Survival
      • Reduce Watering Expenses
• Maximize Crop Yields    
 Container Gardens
 Varity Vegetable Seeds
 Grow Upsidedown Tomato
 Herb Gardening
 My First Garden (kids)
 Victory Gardens WWII
 Solving Water Shortage

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